Why Tan At All For Your Competition?

Simply put, the darker you are, the more definition you show. When combined with the intense white lights that often mask your true definition, bodybuilder tanning needs are very different to your normal every day spray tan. Your everyday-dark tan simply is not eough. In fact, by the time you get on stage to compete, you may feel uncomfortably and unnaturally dark. This is normal, but rest assured that once you see the pictures after the show, you will be glad you were so dark. If you have ever seen a profession bodybuilding competition, it is easy to notice how dark all the competitors are. The general rule is that there is no such thing as too tan when competing in a bodybuilding competition.

How Much Must You Spray Tan Before You Compete?

Spray Tanning is something that is unavoidable for competitors. It does not matter if you are an Irish, African, or a Chines person doing a bikini, figure, physique, or any other class; you simply cannot naturally achieve the colour you need for the competition without a spray tan. The question is not about whether or not you need a spray, but most often about how many. If you plan to get a spray the morning of the show and you have done your pre competition sun tanning, you might be able to get away with two sprays prior to the big day. If you plan to shower before going on stage (meaning you have no spray-bronzer on you), you will likely want to get at least two to three sprays prior to competition day. When possible, we recommend doing a spray on the day of your competition regardless of how many sprays you have had.

How Do Go Brown Spay Competition Tans differ From Other Spray Tans?

Competition Tans differ from everyday tans as the need for a specifically darker tone, colour and longer durability presents new obstacles for us as Spray Tan Technicians. Competitors put tans through conditions most every day people do not need to consider, such as pre-competition workouts, stage lighting and different outfit changes on the day of their competition. A skilled and well trained Spray Tan Technicians is definitely what you need and the products they use must be specifically designed for stage.

Spray Tans with a dark base colour are a must as black absorbs light. This means that the light will not reflect off your tan whilst you are on stage. Green based spray tans will not do the job as well as a darker based tan as the green base will reflect the light giving a lighter appearance under stage lighting. No matter how many coats you apply it will always appear lighter.

We have spray tanned many competitors and we have thorough and extensive knowledge and understanding on what will make you stand out from the crowd on stage.

Your spray tan plays a big part in the judgement criteria of a competition, and we guarantee you we will not let you down. When tanning a competitor the tan needs to be bolder and darker than your everyday tan. The aim with a competition spray tan is to accentuate the clients muscle definition and create a flawless skin tone that will radiate on stage and draw the attention of the judges.

3XBHD Spray Tan will do this better than any other competition tanning technique.

Whilst we do not want to give away our secret formula for our style of competition tanning we can say that our technique is done over a couple of sessions and we do spend time developing the tan prior to your final/topcoat on the day of your competition.

By using Go Browns Spotlight Sensation and our bronzer we have specifically selected we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. All representatives of Go Brown are dedicated and experienced industry professionals who will help you every step of the way.